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قديم 12-05-2010, 07:12 PM
افتراضي Avast! BART CD Nov 2010 اسطوانة الطوارئ من افاست


avast! BART CD Nov 2010

اسطوانة الطوارء من افاست

avast! BART CD (Nov 2010) | 82MB

اسطوانة الطوارء من افاست .. آخرتحديثات العملاقة افاست للتخلص من الفيروسات واصلاح النظام قوية وفعالة في :
_فحص للويندوز من مخلفات الفيروسات وملفات التروجانات ... عن طريق avast! Antivirus
_عمل باك أب وتصحيح أخطاء الهارد ديسك ... عن طريق Disk Checker
_تنظيف كامل لملفات الرجيسترى ... عن طريق Registry Cleaner
_تعديل بعض الملفات بواسطة الدوس ... عن طريق Command-line Interpreter
_تعديل ملفات التكس ..... عن طريق Text Editor

The latest version of the BART CD can be used on all Windows-supported file systems, i.e. NTFS, as well as less common storage devices, such as SCSI/RAID. In general, it will work on any disk device that supports Windows XP. It can also be used on non-standard devices, such as those used on servers, by using the standard Windows XP driver supplied by the hardware vendor.The BART CD also supports networking. After network support is started, NETBIOS and TCP/IP protocols will be available. It is also possible to map network drives. Just enter the path to the drive (in standard UNC format \server\share) and select the letter to which the drive should be mapped. After the drive is successfully mapped, you can work with the network drive in the same way as any other (local) drive - e.g. it can be scanned by avast! The BART CD is a tool no administrator should be without - or, for that matter, anybody who deals with the recovery of data on hard drives. The license model is specified as a multi-node license, which means when you buy one BART CD, you can administer multiple computers, provided the CD is used on only one computer at any one time, and only by a single user.
avast! Antivirus

The main, and most important component of the BART CD is a special version of avast! 4 antivirus. It is based on exactly the same kernel as other avast! 4 Editions, which has been certified by ICSA Labs and ensures excellent detection capabilities combined with high performance. It detects 100% of ITW viruses/worms (In-The-Wild) and also includes advanced Trojan horse detection. avast! also takes part in Virus Bulletin tests, having received the VB100 award many times.

In the latest version, the user interface of BART avast! antivirus has been completely redesigned. A wizard has been added to the interface to guide you through all the settings. The settings allow you to turn on the scanning of archives (compressed files), and much more.

Sometimes, for instance, it may be undesirable to write to the hard disk (for example, if this would overwrite deleted files that you would like to restore somehow). Therefore, for operations requiring disk storage (e.g. unpacking archives to a temporary folder), BART avast! antivirus enables you to specify where such files should be stored.

The version of avast! antivirus, included on the BART CD, is able to repair virus infections. If avast! detects a virus it is able to repair, control is given to a special module that performs the first phase of the repair process. The user is then asked to start the operating system from the hard disk. The second phase of the repair process is performed here - the infected files, together with all references (such as registry associations), are removed. For security reasons, it is recommended to perform the third phase after another test from the BART CD.


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